The Amberside Scientific EIS Fund Launches


The Amberside Scientific EIS Fund will invest in companies that provide the opportunity for capital growth through the use of technology.

12 February 2019  Amberside Capital have launched the Amberside Scientific EIS Fund.

Amberside Capital have teamed up with Anglo Scientific to launch the Amberside Scientific EIS Fund. The partnership combines Amberside Capital’s fund management expertise with Anglo Scientific’s track record in sourcing and growing “deep tech” companies.

Initial investors in the fund will be invested in four investee companies, all EIS qualifying. These include providers of enterprise-grade mobile connectivity antennas, detection cameras screening for concealed threats at a distance, AI driven CCTV analytics and evidence-led food additives to improve digestive health in animals.

The fund’s investment committee will be chaired by Mark Brownridge.

“We are launching this fund with Anglo Scientific as we think they have an attractive pipe­line of investment opportunities, experience in building technology-based businesses and assessing investment opportunities as well as a wide network of relevant contacts around the world. Anglo Scientific have a business model which focusses on securing defensible intellectual property rights for technological innovation in large markets and then bringing the right management resource into companies at an appropriate stage. They are able to take executive roles early in a company’s evolution (often as CEO and or CFO) before appointing a permanent team at the appropriate time. This approach is relatively rare, and they have proven it to be successful time and again. The combined valuation of the companies they have built exceeds £200m to date.” David Scrivens, Amberside Capital.