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Amberside Capital

Amberside Capital is a financial advisory and fund management business with a focus on sustainable infrastructure. We work with companies and people who are developing and operating the real assets which allow our society to function and reduce the impact we are having on the environment around us. In particular this translates to Digital Infrastructure, Energy Transition assets and Protected Horticulture. We provide:

“Fund Raising Support” Amberside supports management teams seeking capital to develop sustainable infrastructure assets. We help refine the investment proposition, pre-empt investor queries with early challenge and work with our clients to develop a comprehensive suite of due diligence materials. We tailer the funding competition to the needs of our clients and support in negotiations with investors.

“Buy-Side Support” Amberside will act for Fund Managers by identifying opportunities, shaping due diligence plans and project managing investment processes. We bring specific, current sector specific expertise and are able to work as an extension to our client’s internal teams.

“Fund Management” As an FCA authorised fund management business we are able to support direct investors identify, analyse and manage investment in Sustainable Infrastructure.

“Amberside were instrumental in helping us to secure this investment. We really appreciate their professionalism and support in guiding us through the process.” – Eddie Minshull, CEO, Complete Technology Group

Amberside associated companies include Amberside Valuations.


Our Team

David Lomas

Founder and CEO

David is an experienced infrastructure specialist with 15 years investment experience across a range of social and economic sustainable infrastructure. Previously a director at Barclays Private Equity he also has impact investment experience with Big Society Capital where he helped develop a community assets social investment proposition. David has an MA in Economics from Edinburgh University.  Outside work, David’s enthusiasm for travel, endurance events and traditional pubs have all been curtailed by the arrival of a young family.

Dan Scowcroft


Dan has been part of the Amberside group since 2012. Dan focuses on providing corporate finance advice for companies operating in the non-core infrastructure space. Prior to joining Amberside Capital in 2017, Dan specialised in fund modelling and refinancing advisory, particularly for renewable energy projects, as part of Amberside Advisors. Dan has a BSc in Mathematics from Warwick University and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Outside of work, Dan enjoys scuba diving and craft ale, though rarely at the same time.

Tom Perry

Associate Director

Tom takes the lead on many of Amberside Valuations’ assignments. His experience spans a range of services. He has valued over 100 infrastructure assets and built bespoke portfolio models for funds with over £6bn AUM. Tom is a qualified accountant and has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Warwick. Outside work, Tom enjoys playing football, running, golf and getting injured.

Bradleigh Solomon


Bradleigh is an Associate at Amberside Valuations, having joined the team in September 2019. Bradleigh has gained an expertise in performing asset valuations since joining Amberside, having performed or reviewed the valuations of over 200 assets for a number of different funds. He has built financial models for a number of assets and funds of varying complexities. Bradleigh recently achieved his MAAT and is now furthering his development by studying towards the CFA qualification.

Shillan Patel


Shillan joined Amberside Valuations in July 2022 and has been involved in a number of valuations processes. He is studying to attain his CIMA qualification. Shillan graduated from a Warwick University with a degree in Mathematics and Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (MORSE). Shillan is a keen cricketer and opening bowler with a penchant for no balls.

Jasmine Price


Jasmine joined Amberside Valuations in August 2022 and alongside her work is studying as an apprentice studying toward her level 3 and 4 AAT qualifications. In her free time, Jasmine loves to play both tennis and is also a qualified coach.

Paige Hastings


Paige recently joined the Amberside Valuations team, having graduated from Imperial College London with a degree in Physics. Through supporting the project managers on a variety of valuations and modelling projects, she is improving her skills as an analyst and developing a more thorough understanding of a number of infrastructure and energy sectors. She is currently studying for the CFA qualification.

Marcus Howson


Marcus recently joined Amberside Valuations after graduating from the University of Southampton with a degree in Physics. He is a bilingual English-French speaker, and supports the team with a variety of valuations and modelling mandates. Marcus is scheduled to start studying towards his CIMA qualification. 

Luke Pierleoni

Junior Analyst

Luke recently joined the Amberside Valuations team as an apprentice. Since joining he has assisted with a number of valuations and model update reviews. Luke is a French speaker, and he is looking forward to enhance his understanding of the infrastructure and energy sectors, and will be studying towards his Level 3 and 4 AAT qualifications.


Sector Focus

Digital Infrastructure

The importance of high speed, reliable connectivity has never been more visible. Digital infrastructure has a significant role to play in reducing carbon emissions and improving the quality of life through reducing travel time and regional inequality. Investment in fibre networks, datacentres, and smart technology is key to delivering these outcomes. Amberside have recently raised £125m for the Complete Technology Group to install fibre into social housing and before that £50m for Wildanet to roll out their network in Cornwall.

Energy Transition – Electrification

The global challenge to transform the way electricity is generated, stored and used cannot be underestimated. Climate change is not going to be brought under control without addressing each of these areas. Amberside’s activities in this area to date have focused on innovate EfW technologies and solar generation. Amberside is currently supporting a major UK battery manufacturer.

Energy Transition – Decarbonising Heat

Domestic heating accounts for 14% of all UK emissions, and is a key challenge in meeting Net Zero ambitions. Older buildings need to be upgraded to modern levels of insulation. Heat pumps and heat networks need to be utilised at scale to provide a lower carbon source of heat. Amberside were called as an expert witness to the recent Policy Commission for Decarbonising Heating run by Sir John Armitt.

Protected Agriculture

80% of the UK’s food needs are currently sourced from overseas. Advances in cultivation and glasshouse technology in recent years have improved the competitiveness of UK glasshouses versus overseas supply. Domestic production reduces carbon emissions resulting from international transport while local facilities can deliver high quality, year-round employment to the more deprived areas of the UK. Amberside made its first investment in the sector in 2017 and have advised a major UK grower on raising expansion capital.



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How an honest ESG assessment changes behaviour

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Risk Warnings

Investment in our products exposes your capital to risk. Amberside Capital does not provide investment, tax or legal advice and the details contained in this website is for your information only. We strongly recommend you seek professional advice if you are considering investing with us. You may lose all or part of your capital invested.

Amberside Capital invests in unlisted shares in small companies. The value of these shares may go up or down. As these shares have no readily available market, they may be difficult to sell.

The tax reliefs associated with our investments depend on each individual investor’s circumstances and may be subject to change. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of how your investments may perform in the future and as such, performance information should not be treated as guarantee.


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