Amberside Capital

Amberside Capital sources, structures and evaluates investment opportunities to suit the requirements of our investment partners.  The organisation builds on the experience of its founders in the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors. Our investment strategies include developing platforms to deliver pipelines of attractive investment opportunities. Drawing on the relationships our team have built with vendors, we offer UK institutional investors more direct access to larger assets away from the competitive environment.

Amberside Capital also brings the rigour and best practice of institutional fund management to retail investors offering tax-efficient equity investments and asset-backed debt investments.

Other companies in the Amberside Group include Amberside ALP, Amberside Advisors and Amberside Energy.


Our Team

David Lomas


Previously a Director at Barclays Private Equity, David is an experienced infrastructure specialist, with 12 years investment experience in a range of social and economic infrastructure. He also worked with Big Society Capital to develop a community assets social investment proposition. David has an MA in Economics from Edinburgh University.  Outside work, David’s enthusiasm for travel, endurance events and traditional pubs have all been curtailed by the arrival of a young family.

David Scrivens


David co-founded all the companies in the Amberside Group, including: Amberside Advisors, an advisory and financial modelling boutique employing over 30 infrastructure and renewable energy specialists. David has an MSC from Warwick University in Management Science and Operational Research. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of the Chartered Accountants and a London Liveryman. Outside work, David enjoys his wine and fine dining on the few occasions his babysitter actually turns up.

Dan Scowcroft

Investment Manager

Dan has worked within the Amberside group since 2012, initially specialising in fund modelling and refinancing advisory at Amberside Advisors, before moving to Amberside Capital in 2017. Dan has a BSc in Mathematics from Warwick University and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Outside work, Dan enjoys scuba diving and craft ale, though rarely at the same time.

John Oliver

Sales Manager

John joined Amberside Capital in 2018 and has responsibility for the financial advisory sales team. Prior to joining Amberside John worked at Octopus Investments for a number of years, distributing their EIS, VCT and BPR investment opportunities, before moving to Mariana Investments to help set up their tax efficient investment sales team. John has a BSc in Accounting and Finance from the University of York. Outside of work John is a keen Sheffield Wednesday supporter, enjoys his food, and has an unrivalled ability to join and avoid the gym.

Neil Rutledge

Non-Executive Director

Neil has 20 years experience advising corporate investors and public-sector agencies to procure and develop social infrastructure. He joined the Amberside group in 2013 to develop the advisory side of the business. Prior to Amberside Neil was a Partner at Grant Thornton where he led the infrastructure financial modelling team. A member of Hertfordshire LEP, outside work Neil enjoys waiting for his Lotus Elan to emerge from the workshop.

Larissa Narciso

Executive Assistant

Larissa provides support to the other members of the team and generally ensures we are in the right place at the right time.


Sector Focus

Core and Social Infrastructure

Assets which aim to generate long term predictable cashflows with limited correlation to the economic cycle and strong correlation to inflation. These assets will generally have monopolistic features or a robust contractual revenue stream. Activities in this area to date have been focused on distribution networks, primary care facilities, extra care accommodation and waste processing.

Renewable energy

Assets which earn revenue from the generation of renewable energy, from initiatives to save energy and associated infrastructure such as energy storage solutions. These assets are capable of generating long term cashflows with strong inflation correlation and an exposure to long term energy prices, often tempered by government subsidy. Activities in this area to date have focused on solar generation, wind generation and smart meters.

Infrastructure Plus

Assets with some infrastructure characteristics, but considered to have a greater risk and commensurate return than Core Infrastructure. These investments are backed by real assets and have some downside protection, but revenues may have some exposure to the business cycle, or there may be a higher element of technology risk. Activities in this sector to date include hydroponic projects and crematoria.

EIS qualifying companies with strong growth potential. The Amberside Knowledge Intensive and Scientific EIS Funds back companies with strong, defensible intellectual property that are looking to disrupt significant markets. The Amberside Incrementum EIS Fund provides capital for companies that have strong managements teams, traction in their target markets and are looking to expand further.


Risk Warnings

Investment in our products exposes your capital to risk. Amberside Capital does not provide investment, tax or legal advice and the details contained in this website is for your information only. We strongly recommend you seek professional advice if you are considering investing with us. You may lose all or part of your capital invested.

Amberside Capital invests in unlisted shares in small companies. The value of these shares may go up or down. As these shares have no readily available market, they may be difficult to sell.

The tax reliefs associated with our investments depend on each individual investor’s circumstances and may be subject to change. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of how your investments may perform in the future and as such, performance information should not be treated as guarantee.


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